About Us

Data Intelligence Like Never Before

Diacto specializes in providing comprehensive data driven business intelligence solutions. Our solution has the ability to connect to hundreds of disparate data sources and very quickly integrate, sanitize and standardize into a single source of truth for business insights. Suitable for any budget, Diacto’s solution provides business leaders with a 360- degree view of their organization and truly actionable insights to drive better business decisions and stay ahead of competition. Our team of experts have experience of deploying across industries including manufacturing, logistic, construction, marketing and retail to name a few.

Diacto’s innovative and world-class Dashboard-As-A-Service is an intelligent and cost-effective data analytics solution. Dashboard-As-A-Service provides organizations with interactive, highly customizable dashboards without the need to invest in expensive cloud-based technology, increase on-premise footprint or tie up expensive IT resources to deploy and manage. Dashboards can be developed and deployed within days and provide a sophisticated solution at low cost, without any license costs and no long-term obligations.

“We Help you Transform The Way You Run Your Business With Actionable Information At Your Fingertips”

We are your One Stop Solution For Business Analytics:

  • Upto 30% Improvement In Employee Productivity
  • Fastest Time To Value
  • Solution With Best Total Cost Of Ownership And Return On Investment
  • Faster User Adoption
  • Integrated Enterprise Business Analytics
  • Driving Daily Business Decision & Actions
  • 100% Success Guaranteed

Our Experience

  • Diacto has experienced resources who have helped businesses implement a Global Business Analytics Solution and gain access to information that was buried within multiple ERP systems.
  • Diacto has a proven track record of helping hundreds of users in several business units spanning several countries conduct daily operations smarter and faster because they have much better information than before they partnered with Diacto.

We Empower

  • We empower Business leaders and management teams to take data driven Business decisions, for maximum impact on the right area, resulting in substantial Business performance improvement.
  • We help our customers improve their Operational efficiency, optimize Productivity, minimize Cost & Time and Simplify the flow of information

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“Based on customer requirement, we compare various BI Tools and make recommendation for lowest TCO and best Value.”

Our Vision

Be the World’s Most Trusted Brand For Speed, Quality & Customer Success By 2030

Our Mission

To Help Every Customer Get The Best Return On Their Investment through Actionable KPIs and Dashboards

Our Values

  • Deliver World-Class Product and Services
  • Uncompromising in Ethical behavior
  • Passionately Pursue Innovation
  • Socially Responsible