360 degree view of your business

Business managers need a 360 degree view of their business and in large, complex organizations it is a time consuming and painful task that takes several days to complete. By the time reports are ready, the data is stale so business managers are making decisions with old data. Diacto has solved this problem with its newly designed, next generation business analytics solution that delivers results immediately. A 360 degree view of the business with the Diacto solution allows business leaders and managers to make informed decisions and take action with up to date information for any functional area of the business i.e. Customer orders, sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, receivables, payables, general ledger etc.

Deliverable Features:

  • Each of these KPIs can be fine tuned to suit customer specific requirement as part of solution deployment effort.
  • KPIs we deliver has the drill path up to transaction line level and NOT just a summary chart
  • Our solution is deployed on a world class business management platform that provides advanced features like AI based notification alerts, self-service analytics and loads of other features

To learn more you can reach Diacto at info@diacto.com

Order Management

Orders & Sales by Day/Month

Year-On-Year Sales Comparison by Month

Past Due Orders

Top 10 Customers

Top 10 Products

Forecast vs Actual

Delivery Performance


Open Purchase Orders

Past Due Purchase Orders

Top 10 Suppliers

Top 10 Purchase Parts

Supplier Delivery Performance

Daily Receipts


By Plant/Inventory Organization

By Buyer


Turns (ITO)


Daily trend analysis

By Product Number


Daily/Weekly/Monthly Production by Line

Work order Jobs planned but not completed

Work order Jobs on-time completion performance

Work order Jobs scheduled today/this week

Assembly Line Utilization




GL Balancee by Period

GL Journals


Gross Profit

Human Resources



Terminations (Voluntary, involuntary, others)