Domo Managed Services

Domo Support and Maintenance

Diacto provides Domo support and maintenance services as a part of managed services for enterprises around the world. We ensure your Domo instance remains healthy and organized and ensure long-term success in your Domo deployment journey.


  • Domo managed services
  • Domo instance governance​
  • Industry best practices​
  • Domo certified support and maintenance specialists
  • Global coverage
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Domo Managed Services

Why Is Domo Governance Important? 

Over time lack of Domo governance will lead to

Security vulnerabilities – User & Content Access management is important

Degradation in system performance – Lots of unwanted datasets, cards and pages will cause confusion

Untrusted data – Users will have several versions of the same data, will lead to trust problem

Increased cost – Several copies of unwanted datasets, cards, pages will escalate platform ownership

Lack of user adoption – Untrusted data/KPIs will lead to lack of confidence and poor adoption

How Can We Help?​

Diacto's worry free managed service provides the peace of mind that your end users have on-demand support for all their Domo needs in addition to ensuring your Domo instance remains healthy, secure, efficient and a trusted source of truth.


Instance Governance​

  • Identify objects (datasets | dataflow | Pages | Cards) that needs to be cleaned up in the instance
  • Work with object owner and clean up


Develop & Maintain Standards

  • Naming convention​
  • User onboarding​
  • User offboarding​
  • Group management​
  • Role management​
  • Sandbox


Job Scheduling & Management

  • Workbench jobs​
  • Cloud connectors​
  • Dataflows scheduling​
  • Broken beast mode


Industry Best

  • Connector​
  • ETL​
  • Visualization​
  • Instance Governance