Executive Dashboard

Complete Health Of Your Business At Your Fingertips

Every Executive would love to have the Dashboard to track the health of their business performance and KPIs that are important to them to run the business effectively. But, the reality is more than 90% of CXOs don't have the living dashboard and they rely on their data analyst team to provide the information. These executive reports are more often than not are manual and time consuming, hence they are neither real-time nor updated daily. This means, CXOs are not always up to date on their company's health and are making decision on old information or gut feel.

Building living executive dashboard is considered to be a significant challenge in large and complex organizations where data is scattered across multiple systems and data quality is a major problem. Most organization struggle to find a way to deal with this situation and often give up the project, no wonder why Gartner research suggest 70-80% BI projects fail.

DIACTO has mastered the art of building Executive Dashboard and can quickly overcome all the data integration and quality related challenges. No matter where your data is located (on-prem, cloud, excel file etc), DIACTO uses the world class business management tool & has experience to connect, cleanse, integrate and visualize data within few hours. DIACTO is arguably one of the fastest if not the fastest Executive Dashboard building company. DIACTO's Executive Dashboard ensures CXOs get the information they need to run their business better in virtually real-time without having to ask anyone.

DIACTO has the experience of successfully building and deploying Executive Dashboards for several organizations around the world. Our solution provides a 360° view of business covering each department performance i.e. Customer Orders, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Financials, etc.

Business leaders are able to view this information from their phone or tablet throughout the day and stay completely informed of their business performance.