Managed BI Services

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Information has become a strategic advantage for enabling new business opportunities, increasing revenue and cutting costs. This rise in the value of data is fuelling a rapid rise in business intelligence (BI) environments, as advances in analytics make it possible to feed unstructured data to BI systems.

Companies struggle with the burden of maintaining heterogeneous BI environments. Legacy BI systems that suffer from poor architecture and design lead to higher costs and disconnected data, and their inefficiencies cause duplication of work and reports and missed service level agreement (SLA) targets.

Companies that find a way to address these issues will not only see better performance now, but also better position themselves to reap the benefits of continuing advances in BI environments and applications. One way to achieve this is through managed BI services, which incorporates a comprehensive view of a company's BI landscape to ensure a solid foundation to sustain modernization, as well as efficient and flexible scalability to support most complex and varied legacy environments.

DIACTO's Managed BI and Analytics services offers the platform, supported by modernization services and experience to move your organization to new capabilities and cost-saving opportunities. Our Managed BI predefined solution packages and flexible configurations include maintenance, support and development for your existing BI environment, coupled with services to transform your environment for the future. By eliminating operational inefficiencies and identifying automation opportunities, you can free up valuable resources, providing you with greater sustained expertise and quality at lower cost and greater return on investment, all while streamlining your BI environments for improved performance, SLAs and functionality.

    Key Features:
  • Reduce BI Implementation & Support Cost By Up to 50%
  • Employee productivity improvement by Upto 30%
  • Our experts are readily available and productive from day one
  • Improved the speed of decision making
  • Shortest Time To Value for users at all level (CXOs to Shop-floor Supervisors)
  • High Quality Deliverables with industry Best Practices
  • Modernize your BI landscape
  • Rapid User Adoption
  • Advanced Analytics - Data Science and Machine Learning
  • BI Tool Expertise - DOMO, SiSense, Tableau, Power BI

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