On-Time Delivery Dashboard

We help you improve your On-Time Delivery Performance Within a few Weeks

On-time delivery (OTD) is one of the most important KPIs in almost every organization. Excellent OTD means customers can count on you and your supply chain planning and manufacturing is efficient. On the contrary; poor OTD means you are not able to deliver your customers on time and pure indication that you could be dealing with several issues like Rejections due to poor Quality, Material and Resource shortages, Poor Production Capacity Utilization and Planning and Scheduling etc. The poor OTD eventually leads to loss of customer trust, unreliability, dissatisfaction and loss of business. Since, the impact of OTD is very significant on every organization, it needs to be managed religiously each day.

DIACTO builds and deploys OTD Dashboard that brings all contributing factors of the OTD performance on a single screen, so you can effectively manage them and stay in control. OTD Dashboard not only tells you organization's current OTD performance but also shows you the factors that will impact it going forward so you can proactively take action. Better OTD means improved supply chain performance, improved Customer Satisfaction and business growth.