360 degree view of your products

You need a 360 degree view of products to manage your business effectively. Product information is spread across various functions of the business: sales, customer orders, purchasing, inventory, planning, manufacturing, bills of material, engineering, etc. Having complete visibility of any product greatly enhances customer service, sales growth, profitability, supply chain management, etc. To get the complete picture of a product in any ERP system is an ongoing challenge. Diacto has met this challenge with a simple solution that integrates product related information and displays it on the device of your choice anytime, anywhere.

Deliverable Features:

  • Each of these KPIs can be fine tuned to suit customer specific requirement as part of solution deployment effort.
  • KPIs we deliver has the drill path up to transaction line level and NOT just a summary chart
  • Our solution is deployed on a world class business management platform that provides advanced features like AI based notification alerts, self-service analytics and loads of other features

To learn more you can reach Diacto at info@diacto.com

Customer Orders

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Average Price by Month

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Price Increase & Impact on Gross Profit

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Order Status

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