Integrated Business Analytics

It is very common for any business to have multiple systems in use, i.e. ERP, CRM, Payroll, Attendance, offline spreadsheets, etc. The complexity is significant due to uncommon data standards, inconsistent report formats and other site-specific differences.

These challenges are difficult to overcome with a traditional BI analytics solution. Most companies have manual, time consuming and painful processes of consolidating the sales and finance numbers for companywide reporting and often done monthly instead of daily. Therefore, business leaders do not have up to date information of their business health during the month.

Diacto has the knowledge, experience and uses a world class tool (DOMO) to simplify and deliver integrated business analytics for any organization. We integrate the data from various sources (SAP, Baan, Oracle, MAPICS, Salesforce, Oracle On-demand, Google Analytics etc.) located anywhere and transform them into actionable key performance indicators (KPIs) in the shortest time possible. We have the experience of delivering integrated business analytics for several business verticals i.e. manufacturing, services, distribution, banking etc.

Value for Customer:

  • Automated Actionable Key Performance Indicators available anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Rapid deployment – Realize business value within a few days
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Extraordinary Quality
  • Minimal Training; Faster user adoption
  • Customer Delight

Data Lake Engineering Services

  • End to End business knowledge and experience of manufacturing and distribution sites; We have good understand of what information business needs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Data engineering experience with focus on solving business problem; We provide simplified architecture that are flexible and scalable
  • Experience of successfully architecting and deploying BI solution for large and complex manufacturing, distribution and banking organizations in more than 12 countries
  • We have architectural understanding of various leading BI options available in the market and can assist in making right BI tool decision for long term success
  • We have defined standards and best practices for data engineering from our previous experiences
  • We bring Speed and Quality of execution; We believe we can overcome technical obstacles and deliver value quickly
  • We have the experience of transforming the way business is run with real-time information and have phenomenal success stories and testimonies
  • We bring passion and energy to be successful

Domo Consulting and Support

  • Data Engineering on Domo Platform
  • Major Domo Services
  • Domo Workbench Job setup, monitoring, Scheduling & ongoing maintenance
  • New dataflow (transformation) creation & management using Domo ETL tool
  • Data integration, transformation using Domo ETL tools: Redshift, MySQL, Magic ETL
  • Personalized Data Permission (PDP) - Data Security Management
  • Domo Card Building, Dashboard Creation
  • Domo User Administration
  • Domo platform management best practices
  • Commitment to Customer Success

BI Tool Selection Consulting

  • There are many options for business analytics solution and choosing the right tool to meet company’s short term and long term BI need is very critical. If the right tool is not chosen, it would lead to high total cost of ownership and maintenance overhead in long run. We have resources with the knowledge of various leading BI tools and platforms and have case studies of which tool works best and where.
  • We engage with customers to understand their organization’s short term and long term need and recommend the right tool with highest value and lowest total cost of ownership. We help customer make the right decision up front to support long term BI strategy.