Mergers And Acquisitions

Growth is good, right? Of course, every CEO wants the company to grow. Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are increasingly becoming key strategies in business growth.

However, once the ink is dry on the exciting new deal, operational realization kicks in, and for the CIO responsible for successfully managing system integrations the headaches begin.


M&As typically bring major IT challenges, often overlooked by the CEO. The complexities of combining multiple systems, databases, and entities into a unified platform are underestimated and as a result, CIO rarely delivers a fully integrated enterprise-wide solution, leaving business data in silos and a consolidated 360-degree business view lacking. As a result, the CEO is left with no choice but to base critical business decisions on only partial data which is often out of date.

At DIACTO in partnership with DOMO, we have the ability to bring data from disparate systems, multiple ERPs, and data sources into consolidated, actionable Enterprise-wide dashboards within a few weeks rather than months, giving the CEO trusted, validated data enabling the business to take full advantage of the investment in the merger or acquisition, drive profitability and business transformation.

In addition to the Enterprise view, DIACTOs solution has the ability to provide site specific views still allowing for sites/subsidiaries to manage and see KPIs important to them.

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– Jackie Gates