Epicor Reporting & Analytics

Epicor Reporting & Analytics

Diacto offers a customized data analytics and reporting solution for Epicor users, powered by Power BI. It provides in-depth analytics for improved decision-making and future planning. Transitioning from Epicor to Power BI is seamless, with smooth integration and dashboard creation. With advanced features available at competitive prices, Diacto delivers a high-quality reporting and analytics solution for Epicor users.


  • Seamless Integration
  • Extensive Data Visualization Capabilities
  • Pre-built and customizable modules
  • Rapid deployment within days
  • Exceptional performance
  • Scalable without limits
  • Real-time data insights
  • User-friendly for all skill levels
  • Offers a world-class user experience
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BI Implementation

Diacto Provides living and interactive dashboards built on your Epicor Reporting & Analytics that can be rapidly deployed on your Instance.

Supply Chain Dashboard

Line Fill Rate,
Order Performance,
Order Delivery Performance,
Product Performance

Inventory Management Dashboard

Lead Time,
On shelf Availability,

Manufacturing Dashboard

Lead Time,
Order Status,
Ship Trend,
Total Orders

Finance Dashboard

Income & Balance Sheet,
COGS(Cost of Goods Sold),
Gross Profit