Domo Licensing

Domo Licensing

Diacto is a trusted Domo partner and licensed reseller. Diacto provides customized Domo license options that suit your BI strategy and budget.​

Choosing the right BI platform is crucial to ensure long term success of your BI strategy. With Domo’s fully integrated BI platform and Diacto’s experience in Domo implementation, you cannot fail in your BI endeavors. Domo helps you turn dark data into actionable insights, drive daily decisions and brings transparency within the organization. Domo’s modern Business Intelligence platform provides unparalleled speed, agility and scale.​

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Diacto - Domo Licensing Authorized Partner and Licensed Reseller

Make The Most Of Your Existing IT Infrastructure

Integrate systems, get unlimited scale, and govern your data with flexible yet rigorous controls—all with rapid time to value.


Integrate from all sources


Deliver speed at scale


Cleanse, join and combine


Empower all with insights


Enable seamless collaboration


See what's next with AI tools


Use pre-built & custom apps

Domo Platform Key Features​

Integrated Platform (Connect, Datahub, ETL, Visualization, Collaboration, Alert & Apps Store) – ZERO Capital Investment

Great Performance At Large Data Volume

Robust ETL – Magic ETL, MYSQL, Redshift, Python & R​

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Available on Mobile App Natively

Real Time updates of Data on your fingertips

Collaborate on the platform

AI Based Notification Alerts

Robust Data Security including row level access