Shopify Plugin

Shopify Plugin

Diacto offers a cutting-edge analytics solution for Shopify data, seamlessly integrated with the Domo platform. Track sales, customer behavior, and inventory trends with customizable, real-time dashboards. Deploy within days and benefit from lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional platforms. Unlock insights, optimize operations, and drive growth with Diacto’s Shopify analytics solution.


  • Pre-built and customizable​
  • Time to Value
  • Unmatched performance​
  • Cost Benefit Advantage
  • Real-time​
  • Built for users at all level​
  • Advanced Analytics with Machine Learning
  • Data Blending with Augmented Analytics
  • World class experience
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Domo Implementation

Diacto Provides living and interactive dashboards built on your Shopify Data in each area of the business that can be rapidly deployed on your Domo Instance.

View Dashboard

Overview Dashboard

High level view on
Your Sales, Orders & Margins

Sales Overview Dashboard

Detailed View on
Sales, Forecasting, Monthly & Yearly Trends
& Margins

Orders Overview Dashboard

Detailed View on
Orders, Forecasting, Monthly & Yearly Trends,
Returns, Fulfilments, AOV

Product Overview Dashboard

Detailed View on
Products, Quantity, Orders, Bestsellers,
Market Basket Analysis, Inventory Planning,
Sentiment Analysis on Product Reviews

Customer Overview Dashboard

Detailed View on
Total Customers, CLTV, AOV
New vs Returning Customers, Top Customers
RFM Analysis