About DOMO

Domo is a cloud-based business management suite that unifies every component of your business, bringing together your people, data, and systems into one place for a digitally-connected enterprise. Domo is a modern Business Intelligence platform that integrates with multiple data sources, including spreadsheets, databases, social media and any existing cloud-based or on-premise software solution. It is suitable for company sizes ranging from small businesses to large enterprises and is compatible with Windows or Mac platforms, iPad, tablets, and all mobile devices. Data innovators choose Domo because of its three core pillars – Data Integration, BI & Embedded Analytics, and Intelligent Apps. 

Domo provides both micro-and macro-level visibility and analysis to business leaders with real-time dashboards, data pertaining to multiple business areas, and performance metrics. Domo platform has been designed to augment and enhance even the most diversified tech infrastructures. It offers limitless possibilities by disseminating data effectively across an entire business and beyond.  

Key Features

Domo is a self-service BI platform that plugs into all of your existing systems, unlocking the value of data for everybody in your business.

Data Integration

Domo integrates disparate data sources including data from any cloud, on-premises, or proprietary system, or queries existing data warehouse directly to create data agility and drive actionable insights.

Integrated Platform

Domo is a unique platform that seamlessly blends all seven layers of a complete BI experience including data connect, datahub, ETL, visualizations, collaboration, alert & apps store.

Security & Governance

Domo has built security, compliance, and privacy controls into every layer of the platform, and includes customer-managed security features with unlimited personalized data permissions that govern access to specific data.

BI & Analytics

Domo has a robust built-in ETL  that makes data transformation simple and easy, with drag and drop Magic ETL, custom queries, joining complex data with billions of rows, managing partitions, execute recursive data processing, ETL refresh when data source is updated and more.

Intelligent Apps

Build new data experiences by leveraging or creating customized apps for different needs to deliver actionable business insights like never before.



Domo helps Business Analysts serve the business with unbelievable speed, agility, and scale. Some of Domo benefits are unprecedented

High Performance

Leveraging the power of cloud, Domo provides great performance at large data volumes with <1 sub-second queries.

User Adoption

Domo has a simple & easy architecture that enables rapid adoption within an organization. Being a self-service tool, it also allows users to design, customize and publish reports on their own, taking user experience to another level.

Data Stories

Domo offers the most comprehensive set of charts, graphs, interactive maps, and other visualizations of your data with just a few clicks. When you upload a data source, Domo's Analyzer tool suggests a visualization for you to get started.

Embedded Analytics

Automate external reporting directly from Domo, and build an ecosystem of shared data with your customers and partners to create value for all.

Why Diacto

Business Intelligence empowers business leaders with real time data analytics helping them make informed decisions. An expert BI consulting and implementation partner can ensure your BI success.

Award-winning Team

Diacto was recognized with the ‘APAC Partner of the Year 2021’ award by Domo for its technical expertise and excellent customer service.

Authorized Partner

Diacto is an authorized and certified Domo partner for Domo implementation, consultancy and support for global customers

End-to-end Solution Provider

Diacto is your one-stop solution for business analytics. We are enabling customers around the world transform their business with actionable information on their fingertips.

Domain Expertise

Diacto is a team of highly qualified, experienced and trained professionals managing each customer with deep technical and business expertise

Domo Implementation

Complex Implementations

No matter how disparate your data sources are or complicated your dataset connections are, Diacto has done it all. We have experience of implementing business analytics for many large & complex enterprises.

Customer Success

The secret of Diacto’s success is the commitment to our customers’ success. Diacto’s feat of 100% successful implementations reflects that each of our customer experiences the real impact of BI.