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Power BI

About Power BI

Power BI is a standalone Microsoft Business Intelligence product which includes both desktop and web-based applications for loading, modelling and visualizing data. It is self-service enterprise BI solution that helps an organization build its digital capability. The easy accessibility of Power BI Desktop makes this BI platform unique and scalable for any organization looking at data augmentation.

Microsoft Power BI connects and integrates data from any data source and transforms the meaningless scattered data into actionable insights to drive better business decision making.  Power BI brings all that data, wherever it resides, together to form a complete picture of key metrics that can then be queried using natural language.

  • Power BI has library of 100+ free connectors in its easily downloadable Desktop version
  • Seamlessly connects with spreadsheets, MS teams and ERP systems, especially Epicor
  • Allows sharing of dashboards securely with internal and external stakeholders
  • Power BI is most cost-efficient BI solution across all BI tools
Power BI

Key Features

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most popular Business Intelligence Platforms globally mainly because of its key features.

Power Query

Import or connect to external data or across Microsoft office platforms and shape that data as per your business requirement and load it into an excel worksheet or Data Model.

Power BI Desktop

Provides free access to user-friendly Desktop version for data augmentation needs of any business

Author Everywhere

Create reports from your dashboards for your customers, publish them and embed those reports on different apps and websites

Data Security

Enhance the data sharing process with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitivity labels classifying and protecting row-level data security providing a second layer to filtering data access.



Connect and visualize any data using the self-service BI tool that’s easy to use, cost efficient and helps you gain deeper data insights.

Data Connection

Access data from virtually anywhere with millions of rows of data and create fully automated data shaping and loading (ETL) procedures.

Data Models

Blend data from multiple sources to create relational models and analyse holistic, comprehensive view of performance across the entire data model.

Enhance Datasets

Define complex calculations using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) or dax formula language, enabling advanced analytics techniques using these powerful expressions.



Build interactive reports and dashboards or custom business intelligence tools with excellent visualizations and dashboard features.

Industry Leader

Power BI is intuitive, influential and can get you started for free. Microsoft also constantly launches updates to keep up with industry requirements, and provides a powerful global customer support service.

Why Diacto

Business Intelligence empowers business leaders with real time data analytics helping them make informed decisions. An expert BI consulting and implementation partner can ensure your BI success.

End-to-end Solution Provider

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Domo Implementation

Complex Implementations

No matter how disparate your data sources are or complicated your dataset connections are, Diacto has done it all. We have experience of implementing business analytics for many large & complex enterprises.

Customer Success

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