Barry Wehmiller

Barry Wehmiller worked with Diacto to implement an Enterprise Business Management solution

Barry Wehmiller is an $3 billion firm which specializes in industrial equipment and engineering solutions to help produce many of life’s daily necessities – toilet paper, wet wipes, corrugated boxes, aluminum cans, yogurt containers, pharmaceuticals, envelopes and more.

Barry Wehmiller enlisted Diacto’s expertise to implement an Enterprise Business Management solution to provide a holistic view of their business performance, considering they have expanded with over 120 acquisitions in more than 100 countries.

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A division of Barry Wehmiller, Afinitas, operates on multiple ERP Systems across several countries and disparate data sources.

Afinitas was struggling to provide executives a consolidated view of its business health and profitability, including gross margins, YTD financials, YoY performance and aged debt.

Raw data was manually extracted, processed in silos and sent over email in Excel and PDF formats; a system lacking efficiency and a cumbersome process for business leaders.

In the words of the Barry Wehmiller team, “We spend a considerable amount of time at various levels collecting and processing data for operations and management reporting. Our current reporting is manual, time consuming and error prone. Our decisions and actions get delayed and impact business performance.”



Diacto designed and built a comprehensive business management solution that delivered harmonized data to the decision makers in real-time.

The solution connected to multiple ERP systems (SAP, Epicor, Infor) and Salesforce CRM, delivering live dashboards for senior management to track orders & backlogs, opportunities, receivables, payables, product performance, customer performance, and much more.


Diacto’s solution replaced the manual reporting process and equipped the business leaders across Afinitas’ global operations with key business insights in real-time. This integration allowed the executive team to make faster decisions through consistent and reliable information with a 95% reduction in manual efforts, providing a single, trusted 360-degree view of business health and profitability.

The automated system also generates alerts to proactively manage order backlog, missed deliveries, non-payments, and supplier delivery performance issues.

Data Connectors Used

With the help of connectors or APIs, Diacto can help bring all your data together in one single place to analysis and visualizations.

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