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Diacto helped a leading $2B integrated virtual healthcare provider leverage BI for 30% improved productivity and better insights into their marketing ROI.

Pioneers in the field of virtual care, the client is the first and largest telemedicine company in the United States. The client offers a wide range of services including telehealth, medical opinions, AI and analytics, telehealth devices, and licensable platforms aimed at empowering healthier lives. The client primarily caters to large corporations, health plan providers, hospitals, and healthcare systems.


Given the nature of this business, online campaigns were a key part of the overall marketing strategy. The client was using a mix of tools like Marketo, Google Adwords, and LinkedIn ads for marketing campaigns and lead generation. They were using Google Analytics (GA) to analyze traffic behavior on the web platforms, and SalesForce (SFDC) CRM tool to capture and nurture leads. All these tools have individual dashboards and the organization was
extracting reports from each platform, analyzing data on a weekly basis and presenting to management. The challenge with this process for assessing the overall Marketing effectiveness was cumbersome and time consuming as it required a large number of team members spending time on data analysis.

Besides this, the leadership team was struggling to see a holistic picture of Marketing performance. To add to the complication, the organization had recently acquired two companies with their own instances of GoogleAds and Salesforce, requiring the marketing team to manually collate data from multiple instances. This operating model was not sustainable and hence the team turned to Domo Business Management Platform to resolve some fundamental and pressing challenges, including:

  • Inability to compile reports quickly and efficiently to facilitate faster decision making
  • Error prone manual creation of reports and stakeholder presentations
  • Inability to verify and authenticate data leading to a lack of trust in what was being presented to stakeholders


When Diacto was engaged on this assignment, our experts concluded that the customer required a holistic marketing dashboard as the single source of truth. Domo was the perfect solution for this business. The team began with establishing a connection and performing required data preparation for the relevant datasets from all data sources. Within three months of getting started, Diacto’s BI experts seamlessly connected data from Google Analytics, Marketo,
SalesForce and LinkedIn using advanced connectors in Domo. Integration from multiple instances within the same tool was challenging but the team was able to architect data flow for this as well. Once the data was integrated, raw data was transformed using Domo’s Magic ETL, Blend and SQL data flows.

Domo’s Analyzer tool was used to create highly insightful, interactive and customizable dashboards through visualizations inbuilt within Domo. These dashboards illustrated real time data from the platforms, and could be accessed by all users directly on their mobile. ETL and visualization assets were reviewed and refined to ensure accuracy and to maximize impact. Diacto assisted in establishing strong Personalized Data Permissions to ensure appropriate data is shared programmatically based on user role within the organization. With Domo’s Buzz tool, leaders could collaborate with the team
members for information / query regarding a card or detail directly from the BI tool. The marketing team was also able to create Alert Notifications based on status for various events, such as a MQL converting to a SQL or if the website traffic crosses a threshold post a specific campaign. The BI platform was so fast and easy to use that it transformed the way the business was operating, democratizing data at every level in the organization. The Marketing team commented that they “cannot function without the Domo tool now”.


  • Time spent on manual data extraction, analyzing and reporting has been completely eliminated, improving Marketing team’s productivity by over 30%.
  • Data transparency and authenticity are no more a concern as data is pulled directly from all marketing platforms and fed into the dashboards in real time without any human intervention.
  • Team members can directly project dashboards in the QBR meetings. Domo also allows converting dashboards into PPTs in a single click. This has brought down the reporting time significantly.
  • Decision making amongst the entire team is now based on real time data and analysis. It is a lot faster and more effective
  • The Executive team is able to see the lead journey right from the initial phase of advertising to SQL conversion, illustrating the real Marketing ROI.

Data Connectors Used

With the help of connectors or APIs, Diacto can help bring all your data together in one single place to analysis and visualizations.

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