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How Diacto helped Clayco resolve its on-site manpower demand and supply problem across US

Clayco, a $4.9 Billion enterprise is one of the top design-build construction firms in the US. Established in 1984, Clayco has brought thousands of facilities to life for several multi-national corporations, education institutions, hospitality chains, healthcare organizations and developers.

Diacto, using Domo helped Clayco manage its complex recruiting requirements across the country by getting complete visibility of vacancies, applications and candidate status in a single comprehensive dashboard measuring multiple HR specific KPIs.

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Clayco uses Crelate, a recruitment software, to record and track the vacancies for pan US on-site positions like Project Manager, Structural engineer, Safety In-charge, Technician, and workers, to name a few. The Recruitment Head of Clayco was struggling to get a comprehensive view of open positions versus closed positions as per locations, departments, and companies (Clayco has a few subsidiary companies).

As a result, it led to a gap in number of people required on job sites in multiple roles versus actual number of people hired. In some cases, one person was managing several construction sites with large teams, at a single point of time. This led to diminished efficiency and productivity.

Clayco engaged Diacto to build a single dashboard to present detailed information related to open jobs, applications, and candidates at any given point of time. For this, the data had to be brought in from the recruitment software into Domo, but the actual challenge was the connection itself.


Crelate’s API was used in the absence of a data connector in Domo. The API had a limit of pulling 500 records at a time and since the data was in ‘Json’ format, bringing in the data using ‘No Json’ connector in Domo was leading to creation of multiple datasets in the system. Joining those datasets was a time-consuming process which would have delayed the delivery of the HR dashboard to Clayco. Instead, the Diacto team decided to connect the data through Python Scripting via the API.

The next step of extracting data was an exhaustive process of shortlisting and matching over 50 APIs with the data requirement. Using MagicETL, data was then transformed and loaded in Domo for insightful dashboards to be built.


The HR dashboard proved to be a turning point for Clayco. With the help of key metrics created for the Clayco Recruiting team, it helped them focus on the massive problems faced in recruiting and to come out with actionable plan to overcome the situation.

Data Connectors Used

With the help of connectors or APIs, Diacto can help bring all your data together in one single place to analysis and visualizations.

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