Barry Wehmiller Case Study

Case Study

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A prominent global supplier of manufacturing technology and solutions,
this company operates across a wide range of industries such as packaging, paper converting, sheeting, corrugating, engineering, and IT consulting. Their products and services are integral to various aspects of daily life, contributing to the production and distribution of essential
goods on a global scale



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In today’s data-driven world, businesses, including manufacturing enterprises, struggle to harness the vast amounts of data generated
daily. Diacto’s success in addressing similar challenges with a global manufacturing technology supplier led to a tailored solution for
Affinitas, a division facing comparable data fragmentation issues. By integrating data from multiple ERP systems and a cloud-based CRM,
Diacto provided real-time insights through intuitive dashboards, streamlining operations and enhancing decision-making capabilities


Affinitas grapples with integrating data from multiple ERP systems, hindering its ability to offer a cohesive executive view. Manual data
extraction through email attachments slows processes and introduces errors, while the lack of timely access to critical metrics limits decision-
making agility and growth potential


Diacto’s consultant provided a robust business management solution, enabling real-time access to critical information for decision-makers. This solution seamlessly integrated data from five ERP systems and a cloud-based CRM application (Salesforce), presenting living dashboards for senior management to monitor overall business
performance instantaneously. By consolidating datasets such as Orders & Backlogs, Opportunities, Receivables, Payables, Product performance, and customer performance, the solution empowered
leaders worldwide with an executive view of the business, facilitating faster and proactive decision-making. Diacto’s Business Management Solution replaced manual Excel and PDF-based reporting methods, delivering key business insights in real-time and enhancing operational efficiency across the organization


Diacto’s data-driven solution revolutionized Affinitas’ operations, delivering an executive dashboard, financial reporting, and sales performance analytics. The impact included a 25% reduction in manual reporting, a 75% decrease in time spent gathering global data, and the
establishment of DOMO as a universal data solution. This enabled real-time insights, streamlined operations, and empowered teams with direct access to key metrics, fostering efficient decision-making and future