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A renowned business unit with over 80 years of experience specializes in
manufacturing garbage disposals and instant hot water dispensers for both
residential and commercial use. Renowned for its superior grind and sound
performance, it has been credited with pioneering technologies in waste disposal management



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A Chinese manufacturing operation undergoing a transition to Oracle ERP urgently required a reporting and dashboarding solution within an 8-week timeframe. DIACTO swiftly intervened, delivering results in just 2 weeks and completing the project ahead of schedule. By leveraging Oracle ERP data efficiently, DIACTO exceeded expectations, leading to additional collaborative opportunities


With the clock ticking, the tight schedule poseda significant hurdle, demanding efficient and prompt action to meet the impending deadline.
The urgency highlighted the critical importance of a reliable and comprehensive solution for seamless integration with the new ERP system.
DIACTO’s expertise was crucial in developing and deploying a robust reporting and dashboarding solution within the accelerated timeframe, demonstrating their commitment to delivering effective results even under pressure


DIACTO, drawing on its extensive experience in building and deploying KPIs and Dashboards for Manufacturing plants operating on Oracle ERP, swiftly grasped the project’s requirements and initiated action within a mere 2 weeks of engagement. With a focused approach, DIACTO efficiently utilized Oracle ERP data to construct the necessary reports specified by the business, accomplishing this task in less than 6 weeks. Their ability to deliver ahead of schedule not only demonstrated their proficiency but also earned them accolades, leading to the acquisition of another complex project. This success underscores DIACTO’s commitment to excellence and their capacity to exceed expectations in challenging environments


DIACTO’s solution not only addressed immediate challenges but also laid a foundation for sustained improvement. By empowering the executive team with real-time insights and analysis, DIACTO enabled proactive decision-making and strategic planning This proactive approach fostered a culture of data-driven decision-making throughout the organization, driving efficiency and innovation across various departments. As a result, DIACTO’s partnership with the organization continues to thrive, reflecting their commitment to driving long-term success through transformative solutions