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About the client

The client, a Fortune 500 multinational corporation, is a leading provider of
manufacturing solutions and engineering services worldwide. One of its prominent business units is globally recognized as the largest manufacturer of Waste Disposal Systems and Hot Water Dispensers, with a
rich legacy spanning over 75 years of innovation and industry leadership



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DIACTO’s strategic approach in providing tailored solutions to the client’s inventory management woes. By leveraging advanced data integration techniques and creating intuitive dashboards, DIACTO enabled the client to gain real-time insights into sales trends, inventory levels, and stock status. This proactive approach not only improved inventory accuracy but also facilitated timely replenishments, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and optimized supply chain operations. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to delivering tangible results, DIACTO emerged as a trusted partner in driving operational excellence for the client


DIACTO encountered significant challenges integrating data from global retailers into actionable KPI dashboards, including non-standardized fields and complexities in extracting historical data from legacy systems. Despite this, DIACTO’s skilled data cleansing and merging procedures enabled the acquisition of comprehensive insights, ultimately enhancing strategic decision-making for business leaders


DIACTO tackled the challenge by deploying a fully automated data analytics solution, seamlessly connecting to diverse sources like the Oracle ERP system and Hadoop datahub. Through advanced data transformation methods, they ensured data consistency and accuracy. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, DIACTO tailored the solution to specific requirements, delivering holistic dashboards and reports for informed decision-making, ultimately ahead of schedule


DIACTO’s solution brought a paradigm shift to the organization’s operations. By integrating diverse datasets from sources like EDI feeds, Oracle E-Business Suite, and JDE historical data, dynamic dashboards were created. These dashboards empowered swift responses to Point of Sale-related inquiries, optimizing inventory management and ensuring punctual deliveries. Consequently, customer satisfaction soared, while
supply chain efficiency improved, reducing stockouts and excess inventory costs. DIACTO’s contribution proved instrumental in driving business growth through enhanced inventory management and superior customer service