Establishing a Comprehensive Reporting System

Case Study

About the client

The Client has created the world’s first smart fragrance diffuser; a simple, yet elegant device that plugs into any outlet. Client’s fragrance brand marketplace enables complete control over the scents in their environment, offering the flexibility to choose from well-known and trusted brands anytime and anywhere.


  • The primary goal was to establish a comprehensive system for reporting on device usage, with the overarching aim of meticulously monitoring both device-specific and user-centric activities.
  • This initiative undermines the team's commitment to enhancing transparency and accountability within the context of device interactions and user engagements.​


  • One of the challenges was that the current process involved referring to the existing dashboard and had to replicate the same in DOMO.
  • The indication of acquiring the capability to produce real-time reports suggests that the client faced obstacles in achieving prompt reporting.
  • The need for customizable dashboards highlights a previous challenge in creating tailored visualizations and reports.


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The objective was to provide insights on various reports on device features and present a consolidated report. The KPIs are as follows: 


Data integration

Diacto’s BI tool seamlessly integrated Device Usage data, ensuring accurate and consistent reporting. 

Real-time reporting

The Client gained the ability to generate real-time reports for Device Usage providing up-to-date insights for timely decision-making.  ​

Customizable dashboard

The customizable dashboards allowed the client to design tailored visualizations and reports, making it easier for stakeholders to analyze data and derive actionable insights. ​


The results of implementing our BI tool brought about several positive outcomes for the client:

  • The Client improved data visibility, decision-making, and stakeholder access to key metrics through real-time reporting and customizable dashboards.
  • The automation of report generation and distribution through the BI tool saved significant time and effort for the client. Automated processes reduced manual data entry and report creation, enhancing employee focus on value-added tasks. This resulted in cost savings and increased overall productivity.
  • Google BigQuery integration minimized errors from manual data entry, ensuring accurate and consistent information for reliable decision-making by the client.
  • The drill-down capabilities of  BI tool allowed the client to perform in-depth analysis. This led to more informed and targeted decision-making.