Reducing Excel Dependability & Improving Business Operations

Case Study

About the client

The Client is one of the world’s largest providers of high-technology interconnect, sensor, and antenna solutions. Their products facilitate the Electronics Revolution across virtually every end market, including Automotive, Broadband Communications, Commercial Aerospace, Industrial, Information Technology and Data Communications, Military, Mobile Devices, and Mobile Networks.


  • The Client, a sales service provider, aimed to enhance their business operations by streamlining sales and lead tracking processes.
  • In addition, they sought to gain insights into resource requirements, conduct cost analysis, and optimize revenue generation.


  • The client encountered difficulties with their initial manual Excel-based reporting system. This system not only demanded significant labor but also hindered the extraction of meaningful insights from the data.
  • The manual generation of reports resulted in heightened effort and potential delays in reporting cycles.
  • Recognizing the necessity for automation in the data processing and reporting pipeline to save time and mitigate errors linked to manual processes.


Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing

Revenue (USD)


Head Count


Countries Of Operation


Tools & Technology

To achieve these improvements, the following tools and technologies were employed:​

DOMO's Magic ETL

DOMO served as the central platform for data integration, transformation and visualization.​ DOMO's Magic ETL tool was used for data transformation and structuring.

DOMO Dimensions Connector

DOMO Dimension was utilized to import the calendar for organizing and analyzing financial data.​


Jupyter notebook is used to connect API from web scrapper and import data into DOMO​

Business Functions Benefited

The implementation of DOMO benefited various business functions within the organization, including finance, sales and resource management.

Target Audience

The report’s target audience includes-

  • The Client’s leadership team
  • Finance department
  • Sales team
  • People involved in resource allocation and decision-making


DOMO Integration

DOMO seamlessly integrated various data sources, incorporating API connections to tools such as Job Nimbus and Sales Rabbit.

Streamlining process

The manual data upload process was streamlined, and both data cleaning and ETL processes were automated.​

Comprehensive BI Reports

DOMO empowered the creation of comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) reports, offering actionable insights for informed decision-making

Automatic Report Generation

Reports were scheduled for automatic generation, significantly reducing manual effort.

Automated Process

The pipeline for data processing and reporting was automated, saving time and minimizing errors.​


The results of implementing DOMO in finance reporting process include:

  • Significant reduction in manual effort and time spent on reporting tasks.
  • Improved data accuracy through automation and data cleaning.
  • Availability of actionable insights from BI reports for better decision-making.
  • Reduction in operational costs associated with manual reporting processes.
  • Better understanding of resource requirements to fulfill demand.
  • Insights into cost and revenue data for informed financial decisions.