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Transforming Data Into Actionable Insights

Diacto helps organizations transform large volumes of data from disparate data sources into actionable insights enabling leaders to improve operational efficiency and drive growth.

Diacto Highlights:

  • World’s leading Data & AI Solutions Partner
  • 100% BI implementation success rate across 600+ global deployments
  • End-to-End BI implementation services
  • A highly skilled and certified team of consultants specializing in Business Intelligence (BI), Data Engineering & AI
  • Delivering exceptional customer experiences for more than 450 organizations, with our clientele steadily expanding

Professional Services


Data Strategy

Define the data strategy, assess current data landscape, develop a roadmap for implementing long-term data strategy.

Our services include:

  • Data Governance

  • Data Architecture

  • Data Lifecycle Management

  • Data Analytics & Insights

  • Data Security & Privacy

  • Change Management & Adoption

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Data Engineering

We help our clients to collect, clean, and transform their data into a format that can be easily analyzed and understood.

Tools & Technology:


Data Analytics & BI

We create living and interactive data visualizations that help our clients to understand their data and make better decisions.

Tools & Technology:


Data Science & AI

At Diacto, we offer tailored Data Science and AI Services for informed decision-making. Extracting insights from complex data, our skilled team delivers tailored solutions for your needs.

Tools & Technology:


End-to-End BI Solution

Diacto brings together expertise in every aspect of BI lifecycle to ensure customer success using Domo platform



Whether your data is in the cloud, on-prem, in a flat file, or all of the above, we implement and supports bi-directional connections between all systems.


Data Warehouse

We understand the need for a high-performance data warehouse for the success of any BI initiative therefore we implement, support and maintain Datawarehouse using industry best practices.


Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

ETL allows you to cleanse, combine and transform your business data. ETL is extremely important for long term success of any BI initiative. Our technical consultants are experienced in building complex ETL using industry best practices to delivers high performance & scalable dataflows.



Every data has a story and we have mastered the art of data story telling. We deliver living and interactive dashboards that drives faster, better-informed decisions.



A self-service BI platform allows stakeholders to collaborate or converse with each other in real-time to initiate quick actions on KPIs.



A modern BI platform enables management by exception using notification alert. This enables users to stay informed when exceptions occur without constantly monitoring the dashboard.

Our Clients

Diacto is very fortunate to be trusted by several large multi-national organizations for their data-driven business transformation programs.

Case Studies

We have executed several large and complex BI implementations globally. We are delighted to share a select few case studies. For more, please reach out to us at

What Clients Say?

We are humbled by the kind words of our cherished customers.


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