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Epicor Reporting & Analytics

Epicor is a powerful enterprise resource platform used to manage business processes company-wide. However, one of the most common challenges Epicor users face, is the abundance of data but lack of information. Epicor’s data discovery where input is provided through Epicor Zone BAQ (Business Activity Query), has many limitations including limited or restricted visualizations, lack of interactivity and no flexibility. Diacto provides a Data Analytics & Reporting automation solution for Epicor users with Power BI as the BI platform. The platform provides deeper diagnostic, trending and predictive analytics to bring the future into focus. Using this solution, Epicor users get access to much more advanced BI capabilities and functionalities at competitive pricing. 

Transitioning from Epicor to Power BI is easy. Epicor and Power BI platforms have a lot of similarities and users find it easier to operate with minimal difference. For instance, while building an SQL query or data modeling, one to one relationship has to be made on both platforms. In joining two datasets, the background of Epicor and Power BI both need data modeling, and the entire dashboard depends on how the data model has been built.

Epicor Reporting & Analytics

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Offering Features

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI an excellent BI solution for Epicor ERP users for modular analytics and reporting automation . Epicor and Power BI have many commonalities including data modelling methodologies and query structures making the transition simple for users.

Data Integration

Diacto can seamlessly integrate data residing in Epicor with Power BI to create a solution that runs flawlessly. Power BI has sophisticated ETL engine and does not weigh down the system at all.

High Performance

Power BI has features that can help reduce the size of datasets, significantly reducing the running time of any dataset, so you get the report much faster.

Security and Governance

Power BI has unmatched data security and control. It supports customer BYOK encryption and offers table row and card level access and visibility control. Power BI also offers excellent malware/unauthorized access detection and response.


EffortlessData Architecture

With Power BI, you can integrate data from various sources to get a true business story. Data modelling and ETL are also easier in Power BI for data analysts

Powerful visualizations

Power BI offers a wide range of world-class BI dashboards, interactive charts and native Apps for iOS and Android users.


Customizable alerts can be enabled in Power BI that minimize the chances of overlooks for leaders to lead by exception. 


Resharing of cards, global search pages, people and discussions is fairly easy and intuitive in Power BI, especially for Microsoft Teams & Office365 users.


Unlike Epicor BAQ, Power BI supports interactive cards where users can drill down to second or third levels to instantly know more about a situation


Power BI allows sharing of individual cards for focussed business discussions as against full reports or dashboards.

Diacto Differentiators

Domo Consulting

Implementation Speed

After many successful Power BI implementations for Epicor ERP globally, we can now get you started within weeks.

Domo Implementation


Power BI is the most affordable BI solution today and Diacto can implement it flawlessly with Epicor

Unmatched Support

Both Diacto and Microsoft are recognized in the industry for customer support ensuring a truly valuable BI journey


Diacto’s highly customized approach helps in scaling up the BI solution as your operations expand

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